Color & Specs



Double Wobble

The Savage Gear Double Wobble and Double Wobble Crank are the most perfect small profile, shallow running crankbaits available anywhere. The Double Wobble runs just barely under the surface, giving off a waking, big wobble action at slow or fast speeds and is equipped with a tail feather for added attraction. The Crank version dives from surface to 2’, and has a tight wobbling action. Both are designed with super-sharp, premium Japanese tournament grade trebles and components.

Double Wobble Features

  • Shallow running finesse crank with a wide wobble at slow or fast speeds.
  • Dives from 0’ to 2’ depending on retrieve speed and line diameter.
  • The Double Wobble 50 is 2” and weighs ¼ oz.
  • High quality super sharp premium hooks with hand tied feather trailer.
  • Available in a variety of fish catching colors.