Color & Specs



Finesse Crank

With three different sizes, the Savage Gear family of Finesse Crankbaits offers anglers a variety of options for covering different depths. The lips are very durable and are perfect for deflecting off of rocks, stumps and other cover. With superb action at any speed, the Finesses line of Savage Gear crankbaits provoke strikes when other baits simply fall short. Designed with high-quality, super-sharp Japanese hooks, and available in a variety of proven fish-catching color patterns. FC-50 - Dives from 3’ to 7’ depending on retrieve speed and line diameter. FC-60 - Dives from 7’ to 12’ depending on retrieve speed and line diameter. FC-65 - Dives from 9’ to 16’ depending on retrieve speed and line diameter.

Finesse Crank Features

  • The small profile and tight wobble will provoke strikes from the weariest of game fish in the clearest of water.
  • Dive depths to 16-feet deppending on lure size.
  • Deadly around heavy cover and vegitation.
  • Excellent on a fast or slow retrieve.
  • High quality super sharp premium hooks.
  • Available in a variety of fish catching colors.