Color & Specs



Top Prey

The Savage Gear Top Prey has the perfect topwater “walk the dog” action when fished with a steady twitch retrieve. Perfectly balanced and weighted, this lure draws vicious topwater strikes from largemouth bass and other game fish. Designed with high-quality, super-sharp Japanese hooks, and available in four proven fish-catching color patterns. Top Prey 100 lures are 4 in. in length and weigh 1/2 oz.

Top Prey Features

  • Deadly “walk the dog” action when fished with a twitch retrieve.
  • Top Prey 100 are 4” in length and weigh 1/2oz.
  • Draws vicious topwater strikes from many types of game fish.
  • High quality super sharp premium hooks.
  • Available in a variety of fish catching colors.