Color & Specs



Herring Swimbait

The unique family of lures is based on supernatural herring imitations. The triple joint allows the lure to swim and more through the water like the real thing. A true innovation and a very effective and easily fished lure. There are four types in the range: a suspending Swim & Jerk lure with a big S-curve action; a suspending Liplure with an erratic flashing action; a Lowrider lure with a super erratic rolling action and a giant Swimbait version with an extra large S-curve action. All 4Play lures are supplied with premium quality Japanese carbon steel trebles and extra strong forged split rings.

4Play Swimbait: Very large real S-curve swimming action when fished in the lower eye. A slim erratic S-curve when fished in the top eye. Great for steady retrieve or slow trolling.

Herring Swimbait Features

  • Two line tie points for different actions.
  • Front line tie is used for a wide S-Curve action for casting.
  • Top line tie is for a slim erratic S-Curve action for trolling.
  • 15Play Swimbait weighs 3 ¾ oz.
  • Large 10” profile calls fish in from a distance.
  • VMS- Vivid Movement System. Lure has a vivid shaking and swimming action on the drop.
  • Hand painted and tank tested.
  • Extra strong forged split rings.
  • Extra strong forged split rings.