Color & Specs



Cutbait Herring

These giant soft lures are designed primarily for big saltwater gamefish – like halibut, giant cod and big lake trout. The lures have been designed in cooperation with some of the most experienced saltwater big fish guides and we have worked to achieve superior swimming action. The chosen colors are based on input from the most successful guides in the saltwater guiding business. Cutbait herring, a superior big fish lure! • Customizes Japanes forged carbon “big fish” bend hooks • “Under skin” painting technique • Real herring swimming action on drop and retrieve

Cutbait Herring Features

  • These giant soft lures have been designed for large saltwater game fish like Halibut and giant cod.
  • Available in two sizes and weights: An 8” 9 ½ oz bait and a 10” 1lb bait.
  • “Under skin” painting technique means the painted body will last longer than standard painted soft baits.
  • 2 piece hand poured soft bodies.
  • Lifelike swimming action on the drop and the retrieve.
  • Custom Japanese forged carbon hooks for big fish.