Color & Specs


Pre Rigged Line Thru Trout

The Savage Gear Line Thru Trout has been a huge hit for trophy pike anglers from all over the world. Now Savage Gear USA is introducing the pre-rigged line thru to the U.S. and Canada. These baits come rigged on strong wire leaders with treble and stinger hooks mounted to the bait. Once a fish takes the bait the hooks dislodge from the bait as it slides up the leader. This means less damage to your bait and less lost fish.

Pre Rigged Line Thru Trout Features

Available in eight, ten, twelve and sixteen inch sizes
Nylon mesh throughout the joint sections to prevent tearing. 
Pre-rigged on heavy duty wire with treble and stinger hooks.
Designed for Musky and Pike
Life like swimming action.
Available in slow sink and moderate sinking actions. 
Hooks separate from the bait when hooked up minimizing damage to the bait or lost fish.