Color & Specs


Sandeel Slug

In our effort to develop a program for saltwater lure fishing, we designed a series of ultra realistic Sandeel Slugs that have a solid front body and a hollow tail section that makes the lure float. The solid front body section makes a perfect hook hold. The hollow body back section collapses when the fish engulfs it which ensures a better hookup rate. The lure can be fished on an offset hook, on a weedless rig tuned with weight to have any sink rate desired, or it can be fished cut off behind the eyes on our sandeel jig heads to make the most amazing darting action. The Sandeel Slug is also great drop shot and vertical jigging. Designed with brilliant details and swimming action. Excellent for cod, striped bass, calico bass, snook and even smaller halibut. Also great for freshwater species such as largemouth and smallmouth bass.