Color & Specs


TPE Manic Shrimp

Inshore saltwater sport fish see more specialized angling pressure today than any time in History. For this reason Savage Gear set out to make one of the most life-like shrimp baits possible in both looks and underwater movements to trigger these pressured fish into biting. To create the ultimate bait we started with the real thing; actual shrimp, which were then 3D scanned to create the most detailed shrimp lure possible.

TPE Manic Shrimp Features

Based on 3D Scans from a Real Shrimp.
Specially designed tail for life like kicking action.
Ultra-realistic paint jobs perfectly mimic many shrimp species. 
Exaggerated legs and antenna for life like actions on the fall or retrieve. 
The tail section is infused with Nylon mesh to help prevent tearing on the hook set or from short bites. 
Available in 3 sizes, 2½”, 4” and 5” – 
Rigged with a weighted ultra-sharp EWG hook.