Color & Specs


Slim Squish Erratic Fall Jig

All the same action as our Squish Erratic Fall Jig but the skinny profile adds to the erratic sideways flutter. The Savage Gear Slim Squish is a center balanced jig that moves aggressively through the water column to keep the bait in a fish’s strike zone longer. Just freespool the Slim Squish to the desired depth and then put the reel in gear and use a jerk and fall retrieve.

Slim Squish Erratic Fall Jig Features

Erratic side to side fluttering action triggers strikes from all kinds of game fish. 
Ultra strong hooks and rigging.
Available in all the hottest fish catching colors. 
Available in two weights to cover different depths and fishing situations. 
Give fish a different look with a squid pattern on one side, fish pattern on the other….The Squish.